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LECor Reptiles

About LECor Reptiles
My Reptile Interests
Here at LECor Reptiles, we strive to bring the best quality gecko. We are a breeder, specializing in APTORS, RAPTORS, Patternless, Tangerine, Sunglows and much more. Our Geckos have been carefully selected over the years and are examples of some of the best available in the market today. We continue to expand our collection through production and by adding new morphs from some of the top breeders across the country.
Other Interests
This season we have gained interest in the really fascinating ball pythons. Ball pythons is another great example of living art. With the many different morphs discovered over the years, and the variety of different color mutations, ball pythons have become very popular in the pet trade. We picked up three different ball pythons. • Spider • Pastel • Lesser We also picked up a pair of female normals to put in the mix. Our goal is to produce the very popular “Queen Bee”(Spider x Pastel x Lesser). In our journey we will produce many different morphs including Spiders, Pastels, Lessers, Bumble Bees (Spider x Pastel), Killer bees (spider x Super pastel) and much more.
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"The Lizard King" "Inside Man" "The Usual Suspects" "300" "Gladiator"
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