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About Ash
My Reptile Interests
I've been keeping reptiles for the better part of five years. I only keep ball pythons at the moment, but I have owned corn snakes and milk snakes in the past. I'm interested in boas, too, but my family wouldn't stand for me keeping one in the house. I also love poison dart frogs and tree frogs, anything really colourful.
Other Interests
I love traveling mostly. Whenever I'm thinking about/dealing with money, I'm usually thinking "where am I going next, and when will I be able to afford it". Other than that I'm into swimming, snorkeling, playing video games, going to movies and concerts, museums (especially natural history museums), aquariums and zoos. I also love to read. I like drawing, painting and making things out of clay too. I've made a couple of snake hides out of clay before.
I listen to electronia/house and rock mostly. It's kind of hard to catagorize the music I listen to into genres. I mostly listen to MSI, manson, pink floyd, CKY, Rammstein, goo goo dolls, Infected Mushroom and Aphex Twin mostly (at the moment). It changes a lot. I can also play the piano pretty well.
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Currently attending college. Hoping to transfer to UC Davis in 2011 to get my vet license, and I'm well on my way :-)
Anything else?
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Full Name: Ash
Location: , CA  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 15, 1990
Member Since: Saturday, October 24, 2009
Last Login: Saturday, May 8, 2010
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