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Reptile Domicile

About Reptile Domicile
My Reptile Interests
We are a non-profit reptile rescue in Spokane, Washington. We accept any reptile size or species. I have been keeping reptiles for over 20 years and my obsession with them has led me to research many different species. I was planning on adding a couple of leopard geckos to my collection and answered an add in the paper. I went to check them out and they were living in the most disgusting aquarium I had ever seen (The pics are under Leo2). I instantly bought the two malnourished and dehydrated leopard geckos. My wife fell in love with the Bell's Albino and named her Pearl. The other one Is the Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail(I'm not too motivated in selling her but will to a good home). After that my wife and I decided to start our rescue; Reptile Domicile. So far we have nursed many reptiles back to health. We so far have 100% recovery rate for our rescues and have rehomed them all. You can also reach us at our website at or find us on facebook under reptile domicile. Thanks. P.S. Our website is kind of lame. I'm not a website designer in any way so any thoughts of how to make it better, let me know. or if you know what you're doing and would like to do it. lol
Other Interests
Going to the beach, watching movies, growing plants for reptiles and building custom habitats. Soon to be breeding corn snakes.
Pretty much any kind of music
Martial arts or horror
Done in school, Reptiles are my business.
Anything else?
As you all know, reptile keeping can become expensive very quick especially with various species. Our rescue is accepting donations of any kind. Feeder insects, rodents, heating, enclosures or monetary are all greatly accepted. We are trying to raise enough money to become a 501c certified reptile rescue and all profits from rehoming reptiles or the purchase of a hand made custom reptile product goes directly back into the care and maintenance of rescued reptiles and to our certification. Thank you all for your support.
Full Name: Reptile Domicile
Location: Spokane, WA  US
Gender: <private>
Birthday: July 11
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