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About Brian Gough
My Reptile Interests
Currently Keeping Green tree Pythons..Savu Pythons...and my one lone male Black Head Python. Got my first snake at age 6..built up a huge collection by age 21.. got a little burnt out working full time and school fulltime..sold everything in 2003. Moved from Florida to California in 09'..and now back into the hobby..albeit..a much smaller collection.
Other Interests
Anything outdoors is cool..rafting, camping, fishing, hiking, herping. I try to go to as many baseball games as I can every year down in the bay area. Sports junkie!
Tool..Dave Matthews Band..RATM..John Mayer...Jay Z..Tupac..Led Zepplin..Two Live Crew..Norah Jones..Tower of Power..Dumpstaphunk...The Roots...and on and on and on..Play Bass guitar so my range of music is vast
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Anything else?
"I may be the only monkey I know, but I tend to think that I'm not. I watched monkeys all my life and I don't see that the difference is that remarkable. I just have to look at a monkey and know that my granddaddy's, granddaddy's granddaddy was a f--kin' monkey. If you can't see that, damn! I mean, maybe an amoeba's a leap. But a monkey? Good grief!" Go Yankees..Go Patriots...Go Magic!!
Full Name: Brian Gough
Location: <private>
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 20, 1981
Member Since: Friday, August 24, 2012
Last Login: Monday, July 17, 2017
iHerp Level Old Salt (40,655 points)
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