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About Desert Boa
My Reptile Interests
Been keeping reptiles on and off for the last 30 years. My passion started early by collecting snakes and turtles and brnging them home for the summer and then releasing them back before they needed to hibernate. It was amazing to me that year after year I would find many of the same animals and our yard was always pack with all the neighborhood kids. One I got to High School, I picked up a pastel ball python and love the exotic look and larger size. I had "Thunder" for about a year before I realized I wanted something a bit more exotic and I ended up picking up "Orion", my first Boa and I was hooked. I kept both animals through college, but was forced to get rid of them when I found a job that forced me to travel all the time. Since then, I have tried keeping rosy boas, ball again and even a couple kingsnakes but they just didn't do it for me like Orion. Well this year I finally decided it was time to get back into boas and I decided to go with the Hypo Sonoran Het Leopards I now have. I am not a huge morph guy, but the only 2 that really appeal to me are hypo's and leopards so I thought that this project would be perfect for me. I plan on adding a Super Hypo Sonoran Female to the group by the end of the year and will also add a Leopard and Blood next year to ad some diversity to my Leopard project and to mix in a little red into one of my lines while maintaing a pure Sonoran Leopard in my other. This shuold be an exciting project and I look forward to sharing my love of reptiles with my yound kids. Almost forgot, I also have a Hermann's tortoise that I've had for 2 years now who is just a great to work with.
Other Interests
Now I spend most of my time chasing around my son an changing diapers for my little girl. I hike, camp, fish, snowboard and kayak as mush as possible and try to maintain my landscape and outdoor tortoise enclosure to provide a beautiful setting for everyone to enjoy. I am also the cook in the house and also enjoy having a beer or 4 while I watch the Bronco's and White Sox
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I work as a consultant for municipal construction project around the western US
Anything else?
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Full Name: <private>
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO  US
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 14
Member Since: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
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