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About Frances
My Reptile Interests
Pythons and Boas mainly. I love the GTP's and Burms and my husband likes the Boas. With over 130 snakes in our collection, it is nearly a full time job for me. It's the darn food that takes all the time to look after. We do a lot of rescues, as native to Phuket are Retics, and Blood Pythons. Steer clear of the cobras and vipers though!
Other Interests
What do you mean? Is there any time left in the day to do anything else but look after snakes???? I suppose eating (great food here in Thailand) and drinking, socialising with friends. Educating the public about snakes.
Hmmm, will have to think about this one.
Comedies. I love a good laugh.
I have an IT Marketing and Design company (14 years) and specialise in seafood, fishing, boating, diving and marine sites. - This brings in the money to pay for the snakes and their food. Also have - just a hobby and information site especially for people living here in Phuket, Thailand to let them know all about the local snakes, and what to do if they encounter them in their yard. Phuket has king cobras, 3 other types of cobra, many different vipers, retics, blood pythons, tree snakes etc, a few different species of tortoise and turtles.
Anything else?
I like helping the snakes at the Snake & Cobra shows. Believe me, hand tube-feeding a large king cobra is darn scary!!! I am known as the Snake Lady here and always have a snake with me when I am out (dining, shopping etc). All my snakes have a PR job! It is amazing how many people have now been converted to like snakes. I get calls/emails all the time from people who tell me things like "I stopped the car and waited for the 4 metre king cobra to cross the road - before I knew what snakes were like I would have run over it" or "I called the Cobra Show to come and get the cobra in my house - normally we would have killed it". If I can just save a few snakes it is all worthwhile.
Full Name: Frances
Location: <private>
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 15
Member Since: Monday, October 26, 2009
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