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About Margaret Block
My Reptile Interests
My daughter and I have kept Crested Geckos since 2015. As with many collectors, the hobby started with one, then grew to 4. I successfully bred those over the year and have watched my collection grow. Now I am the owner of Crested Gecko Gardens and have successfully sold several of my offspring. My numbers, as of the summer of 2019, seem to hover around 30+ cresties. I am interested mainly in Crested Gecko's, but have also kept 2 Carolina Anoles in the past that I rescued after they wandered into my house with my tropical plants. Our house is also home to tortoises, turtles, and now a bearded dragon.
Other Interests
-- I love nature and gardening, building terrariums. I enjoy keeping orchids and other tropical plants, but really love most aspects of gardening. I enjoy long walks outside. --I enjoy reading about crested geckos and fiction. --I love snuggling with my 2 miniature poodles. --I also love to cook and bake, especially when I have the time to be creative.
I love alternative rock, as well as classical and jazz. I love to sing, but haven't done much with my voice in years other than torture my daughter with it.
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I retired from using my masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling a few decades ago and have been keeping the house and family in order. A day without a fire is a good day....
Anything else?
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Full Name: Margaret Block
Location: Charlotte, NC  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 22
Member Since: Sunday, July 17, 2016
Last Login: Friday, July 10, 2020
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