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About Jennifer Brooks
My Reptile Interests
I have kept reptiles since I was about 3 when my dad let me keep the abundant green anoles that run rampant in NC. By age 7 I had aquired a nc king snake and by 10 I had a corn snake. I have always loved herps. I wasnt a fuzzy kitty kinda girl.
Other Interests
I watch MMA avidly, love pro foot ball, video games, cooking, I love to dance, I do martial arts including but not limited to ju jitsu, muy tai, and kung fu. I write fiction,poetry, and prose. I freelance blog for a very political media organization. I avidly support Ron Paul and free thinking. I have a huge intrest in history and philosophy. I do yoga daily. I formerly was a funeral director but have left that job in persuit of a BS in elementary education. I am a mother to five great kids and alot of great animals. Im also engaged to a wonderful man. He keeps me on my toes too and shares my passion for herps.
I love punk rock, drop kick murphies, flogging molly, rancid (recently saw them!),authority zero, old offspring,MSI, losts of 80s metal, newer metal and alternative, emo, indy rock, some rap some country, some disco, pretty much anything that makes me feel or move.
Boondock saints is without a doubt my favorite movies. Give me a baby sitter and a batch of irsh car bombs and the boondock saints and im happy! I also like 300, hot fuzz, sean of the dead, dawn of the dead, army of darkness, anything with john wayne, tombstone, deliverance, the matrix, lotr, star wars all of them, jackass (mindless self indulgence), Pulp fiction or anything by tarentino, slc punk, trainspotting, requiem for a dream, pretty much anything that isnt by disney or a chick flick.
currently I freelance write for a political media blog and i do advertising and promotion for small businesses
Anything else?
Write in Ron Paul!
Full Name: Jennifer Brooks
Location: Fayettville/Ft.Bragg, NC  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 20, 1979
Member Since: Monday, September 22, 2008
Last Login: Saturday, June 30, 2018
iHerp Level Loyal Veteran (74,704 points)
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