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My Reptile Interests
I keep all kinds of reptiles. From snakes, lizards, geckos, and even the occasional amphibian. I've had garter snakes, corn snakes, king snakes, pacman frogs, other toad species, anoles, and crested geckos. I have been keeping reptiles since I was 9 years old and even now I'm still learning something new almost every day. I like to help out other people who are into the hobby or in the business too. I field herp pretty much every summer. I'm used to getting bitten and I enjoy photographing reptiles and amphibians in the wild. Right now I'm keeping crested geckos and corn snakes. We'll be breeding the cresties but our corn snakes are going to be retired soon and kept as pets only after Rougale has had one last clutch each.
Other Interests
I like to draw and paint. I also do some digital art on the side. In the summer I hike, walk, and bike through trails or make my own path through the woods. In winter I like to read more and snowboard when I have the time and money. I used to go out and take a lot of nature related photos, and would love to continue, but the camera is dying on us so we'll have to save up for a new one.
I play a bit of piano, guitar, harmonica, and recorder (if you can count recorder). I like to listen to all kinds of music .
I love to watch movies and there is a rather large collection of DVD's in my house. My favorite movie though might be Avatar, or maybe Happy Feet.
I'm a former college student and K-mart employee looking for a job anywhere on the United States east coast. I freelance in the art area of things. I've sold prints and drawings in private auctions before. It helps a bit for getting some extra cash. We also do sometimes sell animals we've bred but not every year like the big breeders.
Anything else?
I'm single ;) But other than that keeping reptiles is a passion to me. If I had the money my herps would be in the most elaborate and beautiful set ups that I can make myself. I like designing enclosures. ALSO some stuff to know about my animals and their care: Don't go by the tracking on each animal if you are wondering why their water is changed once a week. I batch feed groups and check the water only during that time. However, I actually change their waters every day or two. My snakes are fed every month and a half during the winter months because they are in lower 70 degree F. temperatures for the cold season-UNLESS we have them in true low temperature brumation between 55-65 degrees F. in which case they are not fed at all in winter until the spring warm up. I brumate my yearlings and older snakes, though any snake we check that begins to show a health issue will be taken out immediately, warmed up slowly, and then fed and kept at regular temperatures to help them out for the rest of the winter. In truth the only corn I've had to take out of brumation was our older male after we started to hear some breathing trouble from him, and that was a few years ago now. Everyone's been fine since then during winter so far. In spring we warm them up slowly a degree a day until they hit 72 and up then get their heat mats, pads, and lamps back again for spring/summer/fall. Once in a while we'll skip a week when feeding the snakes. Rarely we'll skip two weeks. Other times we'll feed every week. It all depends on the snake visually and its weight. Only the breeders are fed every week in spring and after they've finished breeding to fatten them back up, otherwise everyone is fed to keep them in shape. We keep an eye on how they look whether they are fat or leaner and keep them at a healthy weight. If they look leaner they'll be fed every week for a while or double a few times up until they look nice and perfect again. For snakes looking overweight we may let them skip a few meals. It all depends on the animal and how fast or slow its metabolism is. So don't be surprised if there are skipped meals or it seems like an animal is being fed a lot. We would like to fatten up our youngsters/hatchies, yearlings, and two year olds, but sometimes we do have to maintenance feed when our feeder supplies are low. The 2015 corns did get maintenance fed for a full year when we were having trouble financially. They eat, digest, and poop right now with no trouble despite it, and many were string measured recently (April 14th 2018) between 2 feet 5 inches and 2 feet 9 inches right now while they are turning 3 years on June 8th. So they seem to be a tiny bit small to some people; however, in my opinion they are just the right size and weight for their age. So to each their own opinion on maintenance feeding. I had to do it for a year with them (2015 clutch) temporarily because of reasons, and a few times with the adults for a few months, but I do not like the idea of it and would rather have had them well fed forever. I DO NOT suggest people maintenance feed for the entirety of a snakes life, or for spans longer than 6 months (for cases where a snake is not brumated and eating throughout the year). If you maintenance feed and brumate that's like... starving the snake from what I consider maintenance feeding. My definition of maintenance feeding is keeping the corn snake alive and decently loaf shaped. It can be lean for a short while but not like triangular bodied starving kind of lean, that's just completely bad and you need to feed that sucker or give it to someone who can care for it. Again only suggesting maintenance feeding if you are in a bad spot for short periods of time. It should be noted that I am not currently maintenance feeding anyone right now. We are all good on feeder stock for the next year at least (with everyone being brumated in winter too). Just for anyone interested in knowing so that they don't assume we constantly maintenance feed cause we don't.
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