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About LeoLisa
My Reptile Interests
Leopard Geckos... my first love. Can't get enough of them. Been keeping reptiles off and on since I was 13. Off and on because some living arrangements just didn't allow but baby I'm BACK!!! Exp with Iguana's (litterbox trained lol) Ball Pythons back in the days before all the cool morphs. Had a Burmese when I was a teenager... great snake but when I hit college couldn't take her with me. Now I've settled on Leopards and Corn Snakes... love the easy care and beautiful colors!!!
Other Interests
My other passion is Reef Aquaria... I currently have 2 set up. One is a seahorse/mixed reef 75 gallon. The other is a 55gallon Fish only tank. I will soon be upgrading to a 125g full reef and will move my seahorses to a smaller 46 gallon species tank. Also have been in dog rescue for 15 yrs. I foster and place animals from the local high kill shelter.
I"m very eclectic when it comes to music. Sugarland, LIttle Big Town, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, ... etc. Rock, Pop, Country, Old Country, hip hop, classical, 70's - 90's are my faves. Only thing I don't really like is rap lol
The Abyss is my all time fave!!! Lord of the Rings Star Trek (ALL of them) Star Wars... the originals Underworld Science Fiction!!!!!
I'm a Registered Nurse. I work at an outpatient surgical facility so I finally have a day job!!! Before that I worked in surgery at a regional level 1 trauma center. I was an adrenaline junkie of the worst kind. I worked weekend nights exclusively so I saw all the blood and guts I wanted. Now I like a controlled atmosphere ;)
Anything else?
I love LEARNING about anything... I firmly believe that when you think you know all there is to know about something then it's time to put it down. I tend to be like a sponge... reading and studying so that I can provide the best care to the animals entrusted to me.
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