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About Galataya16
My Reptile Interests
I have a bearded dragon, a ghost corn (Spactra), a fire corn (Hades), and a coral snow corn (Snobi-wan Kenobi). The beardie was my first and we got her at the end of July. I have always wanted to have reptiles but my family was against them and did not care for them. I adore the ones I have and the bearded dragon really turned my husband around. The first corn snake (an amel) was my anniversary present from my husband. I absolutely adore my babies.
Other Interests
I love to spend time with my family and friends when I'm not keeping busy doing photos. I also love to read and listen to music in the minimal spare time I have. I love to travel when I can, but haven't gotten to much lately. But my favorite part of every day is coming home to my babies. :)
I love all sorts of music. Old country, Mumford and Sons, Elvis, Modest Mouse, Florence and the Machines... I could go on and on. I'm not a huge fan of derogatory rap (some rap is ok) or a lot of the auto tune stuff that comes out now.
I have so many favorite movies also. I love Varsity Blues, Ratatouille, any of the Marvel movies... I could talk movies forever also. I am a big Walking Dead fan, love it.
I am an embroiderer at a local shop. I love my job and being able to use my creativity. I'm a very, very creative person.
Anything else?
Hoping to add more to my herp collection in the future. Would love to have a gargoyle gecko, along with a list of corn morphs. :-)
Full Name: <private>
Location: , SD  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 29
Member Since: Monday, September 8, 2014
Last Login: Saturday, December 29, 2018
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