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Chad A Edwards

About Smart Snakes Chad
My Reptile Interests
My current collection: Snakes: 1.0 Dumeril's Ground Boa (Rija), 1.1 Children's Pythons (Walon Vau and Darla), 0.2 Spotted Pythons (Katarina and Kiara), 1.0 African House Snake (Mij Gilamar), 0.1 Painted Bronzeback Tree Snake (Rumi Paramita), 1.0 Kunasir Island Japanese Rat Snake (Ordo), 0.1 Brown Rainbow Boa (Ruusaan), 1.0 Kenyan Sand Boa (Aule), 0.1 Prairie Kingsnake (Sif), 1.0 Macklot's Water Python (Hank), 1.1 Western Coachwhips (Dinali and Hialie), 0.1 Taiwan Beauty Snake (Fa Mulan), 0.1 Baird's Rat Snake (Elu), 2.4 Corn Snakes (Celeborn, Cin vhetin, Ember, Frost, Nona, and Theodwyn [Charcoal, Avalanche, Charcoal, Snow, Hypomelanistic, and Caramel Stripe]), 1.0 Texas Rat Snake (Stitch Hessian [white sided]), 0.1 Yellow Rat Snake (Myakka), 1.0 Hypomelanistic Everglade's Rat Snake (Ensil), 1.0 Gray Rat Snake (Wakulla), 1.0 Togo (Blue Face) Spotted Bush Snake (Addae), 1.2 Bull Snakes (Kallabow, Mesh'la, and Tojjevvuk [albino]), 1.0 Black Pine Snake (Dinui), 1.1 Southern Pine Snakes (Katarra and Nehutyc), 4.1 Royal Pythons (Snickers [Chocolate Pinstripe], Hetepheres, Epps, Idrissa, and Ramses), 1.0 Bar Neck Amethystine Python (Wesley), 1.0 Giant Bird Snake (Lightning), 0.2 Eastern Garter Snakes (Nora and Nyssa). Scorpions: 0.1 Giant Flat Rock Scorpion (Mirdalan), West African Ground Scorpion (Sugi), 0.1 Yellow Legged Burrowing Scorpion (Thema) Spiders: 0.1 Daring Jumping Spider (Nen Yim), 0.1 Regal Jumping Spider (Arfour), 0.1 Arizona Blonde Tarantula (Tuuwa), 0.1 Oklahoma Brown Tarantula (Goldmoon), 0.1 Common Pink Toe Tarantula (Wynssa), 0.1 Mexican Red Rump Tarantula (Mirta Gev), 0.1 Chaco Gold Stripe Knee Tarantula (Goldie), 0.1 Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (Charlotte), 0.1 Singapore Blue Tarantula (Talla), 0.1 Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Tarantula (Artoo), 0.1 Brazilian Black and White Tarantula (Sintas Vel), 0.1 Featherleg Baboon Tarantula (Isabet Reau).
Other Interests
- not entered yet -
I play Harmonica and Guitar.
Highlights: Star Wars (Non Disney except Rebels and Rogue One) Indiana Jones Wes Anderson films Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe Star Trek (except 2009 reboot and Into Darkness, and anything Quentin Tarantino might be involved in) Love Actually Magnum P. I. NCIS the list goes on...
My reptile business name is Smart Snakes.
Anything else?
I keep 42 snakes, 10 Tarantulas, 2 Jumping Spiders and 3 scorpions, in addition to seven cats I would not be able to function without ("Phantom" (Dr. Theodore Phantom House Panther Rondo Fedora Rattleface Weasel Minion Esquire), "Phoebe" (Lady Flooftastic Phoebe Little Bee Growl Cheetah Up Cat ), "Phoenix" (Dr. House Lion Phoenix Fluff Butt Chainsaw Cuddle Slut), "Molly" (Dame Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCuddles of Remington), "Nugget" (Princess River Carrot Snuggle Nugget Gremlin Fearless Catus), "Ishka" (Mademoiselle Ishka Fart Ninja Demon Cat Pounce of MEEOOWW) and "Buddy" (Dr. Footwarmer Buddy Jerkface Crazy Eyes Simple Jack)). I caught my first snake when I was two or three years old, I've been involved with them ever since. 40 years and counting. SNAKES ARE MY LIFE!
Full Name: Smart Snakes Chad
Location: <private>
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 31
Member Since: Thursday, April 7, 2011
Last Login: Sunday, February 23, 2020
iHerp Level Herpetological Phenom (303,022 points)
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