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My Reptile Interests
BALL PYTHONS!!!! i love them, got into them a few years ago, bred one pair this season "2010" had 8 great eggs, but my incubator craped out and i lost 7 of them :-( but i did get a great looking pastel :-) i am so happy with him/her. i also have cornsnakes, love all the colors that you can get with them, and unlike the balls, they are cheap lol. if you want to know anything else,, just ask.
Other Interests
well i love any type on animal, does not mater what it is, love them all. i use to breed birds real big, but now just dont have the time to do the hand feeding so now, i use to have like 80 birds all together, so yea i cut back alot lol. now i dont have any. i love going fishing, i would fish everyday if i could but you know that whole work thing gets in the way lol.
i like any kind of music, does mot mater what it is well as long as its not opra lol.
my altime favorite movies would have to the the underworld movies, they did such a great job on them. i also like the lord of the ring movies, well i am a movie junky, so really way to many to name lol.
well not in school, but would like to go back at some point (but not now) i work at Corr Wireless in Huntville.
Anything else?
i have lived here in alabama for 4 years now, moved here from oklahoma were i lived for 4 years, and moved to oklahoma from california were i lived for 16 years.
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