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Breeding Project :

Tulip x Preacher 2017 Grays

Tulip [TLP/M1stG]
Owner: thegeckogeek

Primary Sire
Preacher [PRCH-CW]
Owner: thegeckogeek

Total Eggs: --
Fertile Eggs: --
Infertile Eggs: --
Questionable: --
Slugs: --
Hatched: --
Incubation: TBD
Date Laid: --
Date Hatched: --
Date Closed: --

I'm on a gray kick right now :) Picked both of these parents last year with the intention of pairing them up for a gray project. I don't know the breeding history of either of them, so we're just going for broke and we'll see what happens. Hoping for some stellar grays...but even if we end up with other colors, with the structural qualities of these parents, we're bound to produce some handsome offspring.

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