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Breeding Project :

Coral Snow X Flint 2019

[Coral Snow]
Owner: NWHeather

Primary Sire
Flint [ME-KAI-15-19M]
Owner: NWHeather

Total Eggs: 15
Fertile Eggs: --
Infertile Eggs: --
Questionable: --
Slugs: 1
Hatched: --
Incubation: Artificial
Date Laid: 3/3/2019
Date Hatched: --
Date Closed: --

This is to test Flint for Homo (Super)

Events & Tracking
Animal Title Type Date
Introduced [ME-KAI-15-19M] Flint   Introduced Male 1/9/2019
Introduced [ME-KAI-15-19M] Flint   Introduced Male 1/24/2019
Introduced [ME-KAI-15-19M] Flint   Introduced Male 2/4/2019
Introduced [ME-KAI-15-19M] Flint   Introduced Male 2/19/2019
15 eggs, one is anobvious slug  Laid Eggs 3/3/2019
7 eggs look really good. A few are iffy, a few probably won't make it  Comments 3/14/2019

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