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Breeding Project :

Orange brindle dalmatian X Partial Pin dark olive flame dalmatian 2019

Narillo [TCCC-0001CC-G]
Owner: TribalCorns

Primary Sire
Flint [FG_Fl]
Owner: TribalCorns

Total Eggs: 12
Fertile Eggs: 8
Infertile Eggs: 4
Questionable: 0
Slugs: 0
Hatched: 5
Incubation: Artificial
Date Laid: 3/5/2019
Date Hatched: --
Date Closed: --

Orange brindle dalmatian X Partial Pin dark olive flame dalmatian breeding for late winter early spring of 2018. After introducing the male back into Narillo (the females') big breeding enclosure we finally see her fattening up around 2/26/2019. Then she started digging on 3/5/2019 looking very gravid and laid 2 eggs around 3:10am the same night. (We have insomnia so yes we managed to catch her in the act of laying the second egg and watched her until she was finished...) March 31, 2019 she laid two infertile eggs. These were candled and definitely empty. Both were tossed to the clean up crews to eat. May 2nd, 2019 the only fertile egg we had needed assistance hatching as it had gotten a leg stuck in a small slice of its egg shell made by the baby itself. We waited first to see if it would hatch on its own but as its struggling got weaker we then cut the baby out of the egg. It was fully formed but stopped breathing during or shortly after we cut it out. The baby was fired up and well colored for records sake and a video was taken as proof, but unfortunately it died shortly after hatching. May 3rd, 2019 we had 1 fertile egg and 1 dud which were laid. We separated them, candled them, and then threw out the infertile egg before placing the fertile one into the incubator. Because we still have no air conditioner the fertile egg is incubating at room/environment temperature. The incubator is set to 70 but it has been over 70 for quite a few days. I would estimate this egg having a starting incubation temperature around 73-80 degrees F. thanks to our environment making it hot in the house during the day. May 26th 2019 2 more eggs were laid and then candled fertile. Both eggs put into the incubator. The room is still warm at 80 degrees F. Today on 6/10/2019 we hit a high of 87 degrees outside and 90 degrees F in our upstairs rooms. This was a dangerous spike but hopefully the eggs will be okay. 7/5/2019 another pair of fertile eggs were laid by the female and went into incubation at 70 degrees fahrenheit. They are now in an air conditioned room so they stay at 70 for their incubation. The clutch laid on May 26th are also now in constant 70 degrees F. On 7/6/2019 the single fertile egg laid on May 3rd hatched and is healthy. On 8/11/2019 one of the two fertile eggs laid on May 26th have hatched. On 8/13/2019 the last of the two eggs laid on May 26th has hatched and is healthy. Another 2 fertile eggs were laid on August 20th, 2019 in the middle of the night. These are now incubating in 70 degree F. temperatures. The clutch laid on 7/5 has hatched during the night of 10/3/2019. Both babies are doing well and the final clutch of the year laid on August 20th is still doing well in incubation.

Events & Tracking
Animal Title Type Date
3:19am Laid 2 eggs  Laid Eggs 3/5/2019
Dud eggs  Laid Eggs 3/31/2019
75 degree F. Last Week  Comments 4/18/2019
Candled Egg  Comments 4/25/2019
1 fertile egg and 1 dud  Comments 5/3/2019
Male not doing job?  Comments 5/10/2019
2 Fertile Eggs  Laid Eggs 5/26/2019
2 fertile eggs laid  Laid Eggs 7/5/2019
May 3rd egg has hatched  Eggs Hatched 7/6/2019
May 26th egg hatched  Eggs Hatched 8/11/2019
May 26th egg hatched  Eggs Hatched 8/13/2019
Removed [FG_Fl] Flint  Removed Male 8/13/2019
2 fertile eggs  Laid Eggs 8/20/2019
The 7/5 clutch hatched  Eggs Hatched 10/3/2019

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