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Breeding Project :

co-dom pieds / proving ele ele

Yibhip [12]
Owner: PeterPiedPython

Primary Sire
Peter [A]
Owner: PeterPiedPython

Total Eggs: 6
Fertile Eggs: 6
Infertile Eggs: 0
Questionable: 0
Slugs: 1
Hatched: 6
Incubation: Artificial
Date Laid: 6/11/2019
Date Hatched: 8/6/2019
Date Closed: 8/6/2019

it'd be nice to have more codom pieds and golden pied hatchlings, but also gave ele ele a chance - should be easy to tell black pastel vs not, so also put in peter.

Events & Tracking
Animal Title Type Date
Introduced [N] Ele ele  Introduced Male 11/23/2018
Introduced [A] Peter  Introduced Male 1/6/2019
6 good eggs, 1 slug  Laid Eggs 6/11/2019

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