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Breeding Project :

Spectral X Bonsai!! 2013

Bonsaii!! [JB002]
Owner: Gex

Primary Sire
Spectral [GG001]
Owner: Gex

Total Eggs: --
Fertile Eggs: --
Infertile Eggs: --
Questionable: --
Slugs: --
Hatched: --
Incubation: TBD
Date Laid: --
Date Hatched: --
Date Closed: --

This has to be one of the most exciting pairings I have set up for this season. I am crossing the lines of the epic ridge and valley pairing Pins and Uno with the Salzmann/Gilpin pairing of LellarapXAkua's offspring Spectral. I am not sure what I will get from this pairing. I am thinking that what ever it is it will be amazing! With grandparents like those on both sides, I figure you really cannot go wrong :)

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