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Elaphe guttata guttata:


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This morph simply replaces the animal's saddles and lateral markings with stripes. Sometimes its a perfect stripe and sometimes its a broken stripe. The belly checkers are absent in this morph. There are also mutations that can sometimes pop up from breeding stripes together, and those would be vanishing pattern, cubed, and sunspot. Vanishing pattern is pretty self explanatory; the stripe simply disappears with each shed. The end result can sometimes be a patternless corn snake. Cubed is the occurrence of cubes, which almost resemble saddles. The stripe simply breaks up randomly, as if the snake can't decide whether or not to be striped or normally patterned. Sunspot is a mutation of the cubed mutation. The stripes and cubes are replaced by oval shaped dorsal blotches. The striped gene is a simple recessive trait, but it can be co-dominate with the motley gene as both their alleles reside on the same locus. The combination of the 2 genes gives us a snake with a motley appearance, and will often be called motley or motley het stripe, however that is for phenotype purposes only. From a genotype standpoint, the snake will be 100% heterozygous for both the stripe and motley gene.

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