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Motley is another pattern affecting gene, similar to stripe in that is removes the belly checkers and it changes to lateral markings to broken stripes. The dorsal pattern is very variable, making it vary hard to describe. It does have a couple phenotypes though, so we'll talk about those. Hurricane motley gets it's name from an appearance of those little hurricanes you see on the weather channel green screen. The saddles are spaced just right, and they have just enough of a border, that it makes the snake look like it has little hurricanes down it's spine. Pinstripe, or Q-tip, motley. The babies have elongated, connected saddles, that look just like Q-tips. Sometimes there are a lot of little tips, and sometimes there can be one long one down the entire spine, giving the snake the appearance of almost being striped. The motley gene is a simple recessive trait, but it can be co-dominate with the stripe gene as both their alleles reside on the same locus. The combination of the 2 genes gives us a snake with a motley appearance, and will often be called motley or motley het stripe, however that is for phenotype purposes only. From a genotype standpoint, the snake will be 100% heterozygous for both the stripe and motley gene.

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