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Common Name Species
Amethystine python Morelia amethistina
Boelen's Python Morelia boeleni
Centralian Carpet Python or Bredl's Python Morelia bredli
Rough-scaled Python Morelia carinata
Moluccan Python Morelia clastolepis
Carpondro Morelia Hybrid Carpet x Chondro
Australian Scrub Python Morelia kinghorni
Tanimbar Python Morelia nauta
Darwin Carpet Python Morelia spilota variegata
Southwestern Carpet Python Morelia spilota imbricata
Jungle Carpet Python Morelia spilota cheynei
Coastal Carpet Python Morelia spilota mcdowelli
Northwestern/Darwin Carpet Python Morelia spilota variegata
West Papuan Carpet Python Morelia spilota harrisoni
Diamond Python Morelia spilota spilota
Carpet python integrade Morelia spilota ssp
Irian Jaya Carpet Python Morelia spilota harrisoni
Inland Carpet Python Morelia spilotes metcalfei
Halmahera Python Morelia tracyae
Green Tree Python Morelia viridis
Common Name Species
Children's Python Antaresia childreni
Spotted Python Antaresia maculosa
Anthill Python Antaresia perthensis
Stimson's Python Antaresia stimsoni
Papuan Olive Python Apodora papuana
Papuan Python Apodora papuana
Black Headed Python Aspidites melanocephalus
Woma Aspidites ramsayi
Ringed Python Bothrochilus boa
White Lipped Python Leiopython albertisii
Brown Water Python Liasis fuscus
Water Python Liasis fuscus
Savu (Sawu) Python Liasis mackloti savuensis
Macklot's Python Liasis mackloti
Olive Python Liasis olivaceus olivaceus
Mexican burrowing python Loxocemus bicolor
Angolan Python Python anchietae
Dwarf Burmese Python Python bivittatus progschai
Borneo Short-Tailed Python Python breitensteini
Red Blood Python Python brongersmai
Sumatran Short-Tailed Python Python curtus
Indian Python Python molurus
Burmese Python Python molurus bivittatus
South African Python Python natalensis
Ball Python Python regius
Super Dwarf Reticulated Python Python reticulatus jampeanus
Reticulated Python Python reticulatus reticulatus
Selayer Reticulated Python Python reticulatus saputrai
Kayaudi Dwarf Reticulated Python Python reticulatus jampeanus
African Rock Python Python sebae
Timor Python Python timoriensis

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