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Thistle hypnoctopus
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An addition to the attempted Lacey Act amendment  
by: Hyp81, on March 18
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Future of iHerp  
by: Nightflight99, on February 25
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RIP Doomtrooper.........  
by: Cenobite, on December 30
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Snake shaming!
by: blind, on June 14
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people hi
by: amarilrose, on June 8
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Happy New Year IHERP
by: Cenobite  on December 31, Comments: 2

by: Cenobite  on December 24, Comments: 9

Happy Thanksgiving!
by: Cenobite  on November 26, Comments: 7

Photo issue?
by: Hyp81  on November 17, Comments: 3

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How long to safely keep F/T rats in fridge? Medusa 150
Two red spots on cornsnake shed: Hemipenes or scent glands?? Causack 150
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Jun 15 2021

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