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Black Night Cross [BN5-20] turbogex
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End of an era :(  
by: natsamjosh, on March 17
Comments: 5

New snake day!
by: Psycho Dragon, Yesterday @01:08 PM
Comments: 1

Holy Crap, it's been 6 years!
by: Psycho Dragon, on April 3
Comments: 22

Rainbow snake spotted in Central Florida county for first time since 1969
by: Cenobite, on February 20
Comments: 3

These critters make you double take!
by: Valvaren, on February 5
Comments: 5

Evacuation with reptiles
by: Hyp81  on February 5, Comments: 5

Moving + Brumation Update
by: TribalCorns  on January 29, Comments: 2

Plume update!
by: blind  on January 8, Comments: 2
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Has anyone here ever used the Degei Database program? I've been using it for a very long time and mine just failed. Chad A Edwards 250
View My Page (Main Picture) sindrik8x 50
Very agitated newly acquired 1yr old Jungle Carpet Python; help. mark.pendleton 150
How long to safely keep F/T rats in fridge? Medusa 150
Two red spots on cornsnake shed: Hemipenes or scent glands?? Causack 150
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2020 - turbogex

DAM: Soft Scale [AC22-17]

SIRE: Halloween Extreme Harlequin Soft Scale [AC0127-M4]

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Gorri [RossoxAxel]

Rojo [RossoxAxel]

Afghan Fascio Snow [AFS1-20]

Apr 1 2020
Afghan Fascio Snow [AFS2-20]

Apr 1 2020
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