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12/31/2015 Throw Back Thursday... [Public] 
5/12/2015 Hmmm...How? [Public] 
4/24/2015 A good article to read... [Public] 
4/23/2015 And for todays entertainment....... [Public] 
4/17/2015 This is going to be a good one.... [Public] 
4/15/2015 What is it with..... [Public] 
4/13/2015 A little patience does pay off... [Public] 
3/1/2015 Other things we do at Reptile Expos... [Public] 
11/9/2014 AWOL since Jan. 31, 2013 eh!! [Public] 
1/31/2013 30 years....Seriously? [Public] 
9/25/2012 Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo...with some Awesome Americans :) [Public] 
9/25/2012 Oh no! Now what do we do? [Public] 
9/11/2012 Canada EH!...Upcoming CRBE [Public] 
8/4/2012 I was bored again... [Public] 
7/11/2012 Well Happy Birthday Nate.... [Public] 
10/16/2011 Expert opinions needed... [Public] 
10/13/2011 Some updated pics of my spilotes.. [Public] 
8/20/2011 This is supposed to stop me from eating bacon? [Public] 
8/18/2011 Is this for real? [Public] 
7/11/2011 Happy Birthday to his Royal Popeness!! [Public] 
7/1/2011 I'm kinda liking it Dark and Dirty.... [Public] 
6/25/2011 Would you like another cup of Tea? [Public] 
6/20/2011 Healing the unhealable and taming the untameable.... [Public] 
5/12/2011 Ooops... [Public] 
4/24/2011 Live feeders available!! [Public] 
4/19/2011 Baby Falsie #2 [Public] 
4/14/2011 Random stealing the moment blog lol [Public] 
4/14/2011 Look!! I got something with no scales and it's furry!! [Public] 
4/13/2011 Easter bunny came early? [Public] 
4/12/2011 Some updated pics [Public] 
4/11/2011 Field Herping 2011 [Public] 
4/10/2011 This should solve world hunger too.... [Public] 
2/11/2011 Flying Dragons [Public] 
2/6/2011 Confiscation: one year later [Public] 
1/20/2011 Just Curious [Public] 
1/18/2011 Going Green.... [Public] 
12/25/2010 The Internet... [Public] 
12/21/2010 Early Xmas Present!! and random stuff [Public] 
12/8/2010 Cheers!! Gotta Love Tokays!! [Public] 
11/30/2010 Spilotes!!! and uhmm....EGGS!! [Public] 
11/27/2010 For da ladies...... [Public] 
11/16/2010 Fistful of gold..... [Public] 
11/2/2010 Black Dragon! [Public] 
9/27/2010 Prince saves Cinderalla from a Dragon?... [Public] 
8/10/2010 couple of new additions... [Public] 
7/11/2010 Happy Burfday Stinky!!....... [Public] 
6/22/2010 Inside Nature's Giants... [Public] 
6/2/2010 Outdoor enclosure [Public] 
6/2/2010 Picked up a new little snake... [Public] 
4/11/2010 Innocent lizard faces death by red tape [Public] 
12/31/2009 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! [Public] 
12/26/2009 My answer to the snake obesity question [Public] 
12/18/2009 For anyone living in southern Ontario Canada [Public] 
12/18/2009 Thousands of exotic animals seized in Arlington (U.S. Global Exotics) [Public] 
12/10/2009 Update from USARK S373 Python Ban [Public] 
10/28/2009 What some people will do... [Public] 
10/11/2009 Skulls (Not a pirate thing) [Public] 
9/10/2009 Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO! random [Public] 
9/3/2009 Abbreviations [Public] 
8/3/2009 I'm stoked...well sort of [Public] 
7/13/2009 FLORIDA - Help USARK Fight S373 "PYTHON BAN" [Public] 
7/11/2009 HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!!! [Public] 
5/16/2009 A Space Odyssey.... [Public] 
5/11/2009 Before and After Photos [Public] 
4/18/2009 Bad Drywall Alert [Public] 
3/19/2009 Just FYI This Snake Smuggling News Report is not me... [Public] 
3/8/2009 the biggest? continued? [Public] 
3/8/2009 Lunch Menu.... [Public] 
1/30/2009 Need Help Identifying Giant Lizard Species.....**UPDATED** [Public] 
1/5/2009 So you want a Dwarf Retic? [Public] 
12/21/2008 Sleigh bells ring are you listening.... [Public] 
12/14/2008 Asian Water Monitors [Public] 
11/23/2008 Kim Heller [Public] 
11/6/2008 I'M BORED.... [Public] 
10/31/2008 Happy Halloween Iherp!! [Public] 
10/30/2008 NINJAS RULE!!! [Public] 
10/6/2008 Photo Session with My Little Babies [Public] 
9/8/2008 My Burmese at Day Camp [Public] 
6/13/2008 Ok I got my first Chondro.. [Public] 
6/1/2008 Ever had a snake attack their WATER BOWL?!?! [Public] 
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