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2/18/2016 Captive bred Savannah monitors [Public] 
4/1/2015 Herping hints? [Public] 
10/18/2014 New Reptile Expo in Twin Falls! [Public] 
5/29/2014 Finally success [Public] 
3/31/2014 Best show pick up [Public] 
3/23/2014 Boa and Burms a comparison rant... [Public] 
6/25/2013 A cat for George... [Public] 
6/23/2013 Baby snake inundation commencing! [Public] 
12/26/2012 re-posting this blog-GRAPHIC [Public] 
12/5/2012 A plug for Repashy... [Public] 
12/3/2012 Long time no see... [Public] 
8/25/2012 Any Texas iherpers out there? [Public] 
8/1/2012 HELP, need display animals for this years OMSI show. [Public] 
7/19/2012 After a looong wait, I am a grandma! [Public] 
4/11/2012 Attention Boa lovers in and around Portland OR [Public] 
11/26/2011 Fastidious Reptiles? [Public] 
10/7/2011 Extinction :( [Public] 
8/31/2011 OMSI Reptile Show this weekend [Public] 
7/10/2011 78 days and they finally hatched! [Public] 
5/31/2011 Field Herping-Catharine Creek Wa May 29 [Public] 
4/22/2011 Same sad story- WARNING GRAPHIC!-final entry [Public] 
3/29/2011 Cobra Twitter [Public] 
2/10/2011 RIP Duke [Public] 
1/21/2011 Just curious? [Public] 
1/3/2011 A snake wedding! [Public] 
12/25/2010 A Snake's Night Before Christmas [Public] 
12/21/2010 Have y'all noticed? [Public] 
12/7/2010 Tortoise porn! [Public] 
12/7/2010 An article about a book [Public] 
12/6/2010 Black tipped feathers... [Public] 
12/2/2010 Heartache strikes again :( [Public] 
11/15/2010 PC crash, lockout [Public] 
10/28/2010 So sad... [Public] 
9/29/2010 Major update... [Public] 
9/27/2010 Sometimes I envy Ostriches- [Public] 
9/3/2010 Never mind breeding, I'm getting rich with this!! [Public] 
9/2/2010 OMSI this weekend!! [Public] 
8/31/2010 Speaking of the issue of ethics... [Public] 
8/10/2010 Close encounter of the rattling kind! [Public] 
8/5/2010 OMSI Annual Reptile & Amphibian Show!! [Public] 
8/4/2010 National Night Out-Block Party=Outreach! [Public] 
8/1/2010 Faerie Festival! [Public] 
7/19/2010 Finnallllyyyy-with pics [Public] 
7/6/2010 Don't have the heart...UPDATE pic [Public] 
6/25/2010 Story Update and some pics [Public] 
6/23/2010 Story of a life time- [Public] 
6/22/2010 Brief spattering of news, no pics yet [Public] 
6/6/2010 RIP little red-foot [Public] 
5/25/2010 Babies and updates-plus [Public] 
5/25/2010 Snake Adaptations [Public] 
5/18/2010 Good gnews and bad gnews- [Public] 
5/16/2010 Second update on dystocia... [Public] 
5/10/2010 Mothers day dystocia update [Public] 
5/4/2010 Waiting is the worst... [Public] 
4/25/2010 Every one cross your fingers for me... [Public] 
4/19/2010 Some body stop the ride please... [Public] 
4/14/2010 Disneys far [Public] 
3/27/2010 First Garter of this herping season-and a sad note [Public] 
3/26/2010 Ball Python clutch #1 [Public] 
3/25/2010 Finally one for the snakes instead of big business [Public] 
3/23/2010 Why-all I can say is why? [Public] 
3/22/2010 A froggy kind of day! [Public] 
3/21/2010 Funny article -alligators and drunks [Public] 
3/18/2010 Failed Herping-pics [Public] 
3/14/2010 Eggs!! [Public] 
3/12/2010 Covetousness- who do you desire? [Public] 
3/10/2010 A few more pics-updated on the carpets [Public] 
3/4/2010 Complete Inventory-a few pics [Public] 
3/1/2010 Unique Animal Expo- Hillsboro Or. pics [Public] 
2/24/2010 vote for my photo!! [Public] 
2/22/2010 Migration admiration [Public] 
2/17/2010 A good name for a Rose Hair? [Public] 
2/16/2010 OT- Worm Sex? [Public] 
2/14/2010 OK the savannahs belly [Public] 
2/8/2010 Recommended reading suggestions please... [Public] 
2/2/2010 To keep or not to keep? [Public] 
1/24/2010 The PDX show! [Public] 
1/20/2010 Portland Metro Reptile Expo-R U Going?! [Public] 
1/5/2010 RIP Milo :( [Public] 
12/17/2009 latest update from USARK [Public] 
12/14/2009 Whats wrong with this picture? [Public] 
12/11/2009 have you seen this?-s373 [Public] 
11/29/2009 One more/less heartache [Public] 
11/25/2009 "Herpetologists" in the news... [Public] 
11/14/2009 Here ya go Nate... [Public] 
9/29/2009 A few new friends and updates on old ones... [Public] 
9/11/2009 Pics from the OMSI show [Public] 
8/31/2009 OMSI Reptile and Amphibian show-this weekend! [Public] 
8/23/2009 PDX reptile expo-Wilsonville show. [Public] 
8/21/2009 I must be friggen Nuts! [Public] 
8/19/2009 Added a bunch more pics [Public] 
8/18/2009 Name the rescue... [Public] 
8/11/2009 Wilsonville post show BBQ [Public] 
8/6/2009 I feel so F-ing awful...hating life [Public] 
8/3/2009 Totally off reptiles but... [Public] 
8/3/2009 I'm so excited!!-and can't freakin wait! [Public] 
7/29/2009 For my friend-Joni [Public] 
7/26/2009 Some reptile art [Public] 
7/19/2009 R.I.P. George-He lived a good life of 11 years [Public] 
7/17/2009 Whew, more pictures!- guys don't look... [Public] 
7/16/2009 I updated my animals pics and here are a couple for Jackie! [Public] 
7/13/2009 Sheila is giving birth!! [Public] 
7/9/2009 Post shed pics and weights on the lessers!-update! [Public] 
7/7/2009 R.I.P. Spike...any one local want to adopt Betty? [Public] 
6/28/2009 My lessers are Pipping!!...see them now! [Public] 
6/28/2009 Field Herping...should have brought a camera... [Public] 
6/22/2009 Ok, so I added a few pics... [Public] 
6/10/2009 Can I get a whoop whoop?! [Public] 
6/8/2009 Yay, a blog instead of a question! [Public] 
6/1/2009 CRY!!...ok at least snivel a little [Public] 
5/19/2009 Shipping, the great dillema [Public] 
5/9/2009 Lesser Platinums!! [Public] 
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