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My Reptile Interests
Winter’s Reptiles began as a small hobby for us. I have owned a few pet snakes for some years now. When Brandon and I started dating in’ 07 I introduced him to my love for the scaly. His fascination was immediate and soon he had his first snake living with him, Mystic. Both of us share a passion for Mystic, a 6 foot Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Mystic has an amazing disposition and beautiful deep red coloring. It did not take much for us to decide we wanted to breed her. These past several years we have expanded our collection to over 50 snakes. Although we have a variety of species we plan on focus our breeding to Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Woma Pythons, and Sharp stain Albino Boas. This last year we have expanded into the ball python realm with some albinos, pinstripes, and pastels. Brandon total embraced the reptile lifestyle and now breeds his own feeders as well as selling them to other reptile enthusiast. His business includes mice, rats, rabbits (frozen or live), meal worms, and roaches. Please feel free to contact us anytime we would love to chat about out babies, or if you are in Western Washington and need some feeders maybe we could hook you up.
Other Interests
Our mammals, Dog: Midas, and cat, Hercules, and gardening. Midas is a Doberman Pinscher that Brandon got as a puppy. Midas is the reason that we met. I was working at a high end natural pet food store at time and Brandon use to bring little Midas in to shop. Well the short of the story is that Brandon and I are now are couple and Midas is the center of our life. After a year of living together I saw Hercules at an adoption event for the local humane society and just had to have him. So our interests lie around our animals furry and scaly alike. Midas is almost 4 years old and Hercules is 10. They are great buddies now and respect the reptiles. If we are not busy with the scaly or furry you will find us in the garden. Each year we like to grow our own vegetables. We also have our own greenhouse where Brandon has many orchids, fuchsias, and geraniums along with the wheatgrass business. Cas also enjoys scrapbooking and reading in her free time which is few and far between. Brandon also is a great car buff and can soon be found working “69 Cuda.
Brandon: Music: Blues, Classic Rock, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Cage the Elephant, Primus, Tool. Cas: Music: Blues, Classic Rock, Queen, Mumford and Son, Depeche Mode, Chevelle, Weezer, The Presidents of the Untied States.
Brandon Movies: The Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Steve Mcqueen, On Any Sunday. TV: F1 Racing is the only thing I will set the alarm at 3:30 am on Sunday morning for, also Weeds, Dexter, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Homes on Homes, Speed Channel, and Hells Kitchen among others. Cas Movies: Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Igby Goes Down, Broke Back Mountain, Anything with Gene Wilder or Danny Kaye, Man From Snowy River, Cold Mountain, Lilo and Stitch. TV: Dexter, Weeds, PBR, Grays Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Big Band Theory, Two and a Half, Men, Hells Kitchen, I Love Lucy, and Survivor.
Brandon and Cas: Brandon owns his own business growing wheatgrass for pet stores. Also breeding feeder rodents (mice, rats, rabbits) and insects for reptiles as well as breeding snakes. Cas, is a veterinary assistant and loves the genetic sides of the snake breeding business.
Anything else?
Brandon: Books: Engineering, Turbo Chargers, Fuel Ejection and Performance of Cars. Plants, Snake Genetics and Breeding, Gardening and Plants. Cas: Books: Crush by Richard Siken, Great Expectations, Lucky, Them Lovely Bones, Black Beauty, all of the Harry Potter Books and the Twilight Series, anything by Carl Sagan, Chales Darwin, Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris, The Complete Boa Constructor, and Designer-Morphs by John R. Berry.
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