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Breeding Project :

Het Paint Project

Calypso [BigGirldhSnow]
Owner: RichWise

Primary Sire
Owner: RichWise

Total Eggs: --
Fertile Eggs: --
Infertile Eggs: --
Questionable: --
Slugs: --
Hatched: --
Incubation: TBD
Date Laid: --
Date Hatched: --
Date Closed: 11/21/2017

Trying to prove out the possible albino and anery hets for one of the het paint males.

Events & Tracking
Animal Title Type Date
  Proposed Male 5/19/2017
Introduced [14-HP66HS-06]   Introduced Male 5/19/2017
Copulation with [14-HP66HS-06]   Observed Copulation 5/19/2017
Copulation with [14-HP66HS-06]   Observed Copulation 5/20/2017
Removed [14-HP66HS-06]   Removed Male 5/22/2017
Introduced [14-HP66HS-06]   Introduced Male 6/3/2017
Removed [14-HP66HS-06]   Removed Male 6/11/2017
Male was courting when removed  Comments 6/11/2017

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