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Rene' :


3/2/2012 A New Addition [Public] 
12/16/2011 Flying Hide?!?! WTF? [Public] 
12/5/2011 "Nuwa Is Not In Her Tank...." [Public] 
12/1/2011 Nuwa BIT Herself!!!! [Public] 
11/30/2011 Death By Coconut [Public] 
11/16/2011 Really? Seriously? *facepalm* [Public] 
11/15/2011 Antaresia childreni (Childrens Python) [Public] 
11/14/2011 Adverse To Change [Public] 
11/10/2011 OT: K's School Project w/Pics [Public] 
11/8/2011 Pythons in Everglades, a low risk to people, state says..... [Public] 
11/7/2011 OT: Bacon, bacon and more bacon!!! [Public] 
10/31/2011 Dinner Time [Public] 
10/31/2011 Happy Halloween!!! [Public] 
10/25/2011 And The Chondro Bug Has Bitten... [Public] 
10/24/2011 The Things Children Say... [Public] 
10/21/2011 FINALLY!!! I had to share this... [Public] 
10/18/2011 My Newest Project *OT* [Public] 
10/16/2011 The Things We Get Excited About. [Public] 
10/13/2011 Jazzercise - The Herp Way!!! *DUW* [Public] 
10/13/2011 That's A Tight Fit [Public] 
9/29/2011 My Newest Little Neighbor? [Public] 
9/26/2011 How Do You Know When They Want To Go Out? Excuse me?!?! [Public] 
9/16/2011 Dinner Selection Made Easy [Public] 
9/15/2011 Just Cruisin' [Public] 
9/12/2011 Aerial Assaults, Acrobatics and Submarines [Public] 
9/6/2011 He's A She!!! :-0 [Public] 
9/1/2011 2 Milestones In 2 Weeks [Public] 
8/29/2011 A Week Of Firsts [Public] 
8/25/2011 First Feeding for Ophion [Public] 
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