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Jim Mangum :


12/6/2011 It has finally happened.... [Public] 
4/20/2011 NSFW...but def for a good laugh!!! [Public] 
7/2/2010 Home Sweet Habitat! [Public] 
4/1/2010 Why snake people get a bad rap... [Public] 
2/18/2010 I'm sick of these mother #^<&in' snakes on this mother #^<&in' plane! [Public] 
1/28/2010 Crazy A$$ PETA.... I hate them... [Public] 
9/15/2009 Holy Crap! [Public] 
8/27/2009 C.R.A.B.S. [Public] 
6/30/2009 R.I.P. Rick Astley...another one bites the dust... [Public] 
6/10/2009 WoW! Has anyone seen this? [Public] 
3/13/2009 C.R.A.B.S. [Public] 
2/7/2009 What a bunch of S#!t [Public] 
1/27/2009 Never say can it get an worse.... [Public] 
1/12/2009 New pics of the Chameleon [Public] 
1/11/2009 Roaches... [Public] 
1/8/2009 Chameleon Cage pt. 2 [Public] 
1/8/2009 New Cham cage pt. 1 [Public] 
12/3/2008 Holiday! [Public] 
11/17/2008 Wierd habits? [Public] 
11/12/2008 Reptile Room/Apartment [Public] 
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