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About James Hardy
My Reptile Interests
I work with Carpet Pythons, Woma Pythons, Black Blood Pythons, Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, and Hognose Snakes. My main focus and love is Carpet Pythons and Hognose snakes. Loved Carpets and Hogs for years and it is awesome I can work with them finally. I got my start in Ball Pythons and it is a long but good story that got me where I am today.
Other Interests
Outside of reptiles I compete in weightlifting for fun. I have always been much stronger then I look and while at college(Florida State University), I did my first weightlifting competition and won. That win has had me wanting to get stronger and stronger yet maintain a low weight so I can win in my weight class. Other then that I love spending time with my wife. We have almost all the same interests so we always seem to have fun together. I hate that it took me this long to find her but now that I have found my other(and yes better) half, I plan on keeping her happy.
I listen to almost everything but the bands I say I listen to the most and have followed the longest would be POD, Darius Rucker, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, AeroSmith, Queen, REO Speedwagon, Trace Adkins, Weird Al, 2 Pac, Bubba Sparxxx, Cypress Hill, and then everything else is a collection or rack, rap, country and some old school singers like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, and the Beatles
I will watch anything so no real favorites
I graduated from Florida State University in 2009 where I double majored in Marketing and Sales. I have owned my own marketing franchises but the corporate office owners were not the brightest of people and I foresee them hitting rock bottom. Sold my franchises back to them and I actually have watched them crumble and are close to death. Currently I pay the bills through helping businesses optimize their marketing channels and help their sales force use psychology (my minor and a hobby to study) to better reach customers and work with customers to increase their sales. I also breed reptiles for extra cash and hope to be considered one of the top Carpet Python Breeders and Hognose Breeders one day
Anything else?
Even though I got my start in Ball Pythons I have become someone who is not a fan of ball pythons at all due to how things have changed for that genre of breeders. I could go on for hours with how I feel about Ball Pythons, Ball Python breeders, and how reptiles shows have become but I won't unless asked, lol. I also want to state there are some great ball python breeders out there and have done great work with them and it isn't them I am mad at and actually respect those who respect the snakes first.
Full Name: James Hardy
Location: <private>
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 18
Member Since: Monday, January 13, 2014
Last Login: Sunday, September 14, 2014
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