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Q: Beardies: Fighting or mating???
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Hello everyone,  I have a male and female bearded dragon (clutch mates) in the same 75G tank.  They are only about 9 months old now so I dont think that they are sexually mature.  Everyday in the morning i feed them fresh veggies, a nice big bowl full, change their water and then dump in about 30 large dusted crickets and they go nuts for them.  They eat them really fast, its fun to watch as they stalk the last couple crickets, but about two or three minutes after the crickets are gone they start fighting with each other.  It looks like a lizzard 69.  They go head to tail and go round and round in circles chasing each others tail and trying to bite each other.  They will then stop and the male bobs his head up and down, open his mouth and the whole process starts again.   My question is this:  Are they fighting and I should seperate them or are they doing some type of mating dance?

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Accepted Answer 2/7/2009 4:50:35 PM

Joseph Jenkins

Beardies can easily be sexually mature at 9 months, but that by no means means they should be bred then. 18 months is usually the soonest you want to breed.

But it doesn't sound like those are breeding rituals, they sound more like aggression.  When breeding, males go for the back of a female's neck and chomp down...not the tail.

In short, whether aggression or breeding, they need to be seperated ASAP before injury.
Assisted Answer 2/7/2009 8:21:47 PM

joseph is correct . never keep two beardies together.i would make sure u dont have two males.because if they are fanning out and going in circles.they are figuring out who is dominate and they wont stop. it often dont result in death but injury can accur.i have watched some of my males do it.its not real pleasent..what happens is the dominate one will get better basking spot and eat  most of the crickets.Although it might seem like your beardie is alone but they are solitare reptiles that come together to breed.hope i helped alittle
Assisted Answer 2/7/2009 11:37:54 PM

If your looking to house more than one beardie in your 75 gal you will need to purchase another female. I currently house 3 adult females in a (37" x 20" x 36") (LxWxH) with no problems and it is enjoyable to watch them bask together. As for the male, he should be taken out immediately. the female cannot carry the burden of the eggs until she reaches 250 grams or 3/4 of a pound. Cheapest way to measure this is to purchase a scale from your local postal supply (office max, staples, etc.). The male will also continually harass your female. So separate for now and look for a similarly sized female if you're itching to co-habitat your beardies.
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