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Q: RI recovery question
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I have just finished a weeklong Amikacin treatment for my snake with RI and mouth rot. 90% of her symptoms are gone, and she’s looking and acting a lot better. I gave her her last shot a day or so ago. She still has a slight click when she breaths that I can only really hear when I put her up to my ear, and the clicking goes about two inches up her neck, with no clicks coming from her actual lungs anymore. Does anyone know if clicking can continue past their last dose from left over mucus that still needs to drain out, or if that means there is still a little bit of bacteria left? I’m worried that she might relapse. I know Amikacin is a very strong antibiotic, and it worked wonders really, so I’m hoping that it killed all the bacteria and she’s just got left over mucus. I can’t keep giving her more Amikacin because of the risks to her kidneys. Any input would be appreciated, or any R.I recovery experiences similar that you may have had.

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You really should discuss these concerns with your Vet. Having said that a week is a very short course of antibiotics for a snake with RI. Most specialist Exotics Vets recommend a month at least. A mistake that many people make is to equate courses / durations to those suitable for mammals - which have a much higher metabolism and hence a faster responding immune system / reaction to drugs. I was just listening to a talk given by an expert in this field who said (words to the effect of) anything less than  a month with a course of antibitoics for a snake is a waste of time - you just leave behind (by definition) the most resistant bacteria. He said to coninie for a month even if all symptoms *have* gone! Speak to your Vet - and Good luck!

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