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Q: Help i think my snake has scale rot.
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my adult male ball python is pink under the belly and hes scales are flaking.  i see two small brown spots by some of he's scales.  i think its either my new cages wood or the humidity and temp.  i've moved him to my controlled humidity box at 80 to 85 temp and 60 to 70 humidity, also applying neosporin on hes underbelly.  anything else i can do to insure it doesnt progress?

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Member Comment 6/22/2009 4:17:26 PM

A peroxide bath should help.  It has to be diluted though, and I can't remember how much...hopefully someone else will post who knows a little more than I do.  If it doesn't get better, you should definitely get him to a vet.  Scale rot can be deadly.
Accepted Answer 6/22/2009 6:29:37 PM

Can you post a picture?  Your description sounds less like scale rot and a lot more like he's just shedding.  Many snakes turn a pinkish hue before or as they shed, and if their humidity isn't right, sometimes it'll flake in pieces rather than come off in one piece.  Scale rot is usually very noticeable -- not a few little blotches of brown -- and becomes ulcerative.  The brown blotches you see may just be stray pigment.
Assisted Answer 6/22/2009 7:11:08 PM

I had a couple snakes get the brown spots too. I usualyy just gave them a warm bath, let them shed and made sure they had clean relatively dry bedding. After they shed the brown spots went away. Scale rot looks more like ...the underside of a mushroom I guess. Very noticeable and kind of smelly too.
Author Comment 6/22/2009 11:17:32 PM

yeah your right.  he has never turned pink on me.  i had him in a shoe box with holes in it when i was cleaning he's cage. one was big enough to get hes head through, when i went torwards the box he pulled back hes head.  damaging some scales.  ones totally out. i didnt think that would be the case because the pink showed up when i noticed it a day later.  so i thought it was early signs of scale rot.  he's not in any danger from losing it is he?  it looks fine besides i can see skin instead of one small scale close to he's head.  i tried to get a pic but my camera wouldnt get a close up. 
Member Comment 6/26/2009 10:55:58 PM

Heart and Soul Reps
Just make sure his skin (and substrate) stay dry if it continues or gets worse. Scale rot is caused mostly from being in too wet of an environment for long periods, or defecation sitting on the skin, or getting under the scales and staying there. My guys get a little pink on their tummy's every now and again if they tip their water, flood their cage and I don't notice for a few hours (if I'm out usually) I also notice it happens with my pythons more than my boas (the pink tummy's, not the water tipping, they all do it to aggravate me :D ) Just keep him from being excessivley wet and he should be fine. Good luck!
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