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Q: black throat monitor care?
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i want to get a black throat monitor in the near future, i have kept a savannah monitor sucessfully(except for 1 fatal mistake ) now i was wondering whats the difference in care would be between the 2, i know they get much bigger! i plan to build a 6x3x2 cage for a baby and i have a small room that can be setup for him alone when he get bigger(10x5x5) but i would like to find some info on temperatures, humidity, ect. the diet i plan to follow is raw meat(ground turkey, chicken, beef liver, telapia ect.)2-3x a week insects 2x a week and rodents every other day, is this ok? im sure they dont require a high insect diet like savvys right? would a 75/25 dirt/sand mix work? any advice, link would clearly be appreciated!

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Topics: General Health , Feeding , Caging
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Species: Lizards > Monitors > Varanus albigularis ionidesi
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Assisted Answer 5/6/2010 12:24:48 PM

I had a friend who specialized in breeding them. Unfortunately he has suffered some recent tragedies and dropped off the face of the earth for the time being but his website should still be in order I believe and you might be able to get some information from that, If I had any way to contact him I would give you his email or something but as I said... he's dropped off the face of the earth -_- http://tarpitreptiles0.tripod.com/
Accepted Answer 5/7/2010 1:06:57 PM

they do get quite a bit bigger than the savy's. once they get to a certain size i wouldnt feed live rats or mice or guinea pigs or anything of that nature. not that it would hurt the monitor, but it will make it ALOT calmer. just feed f/t, put it on a plate on an unoccupied side of the tank and he'll sniff it out sooner or later. bugs, eh. he'll outgrow bugs pretty fast. unless you plan on getting a goliath beatle, which would be cool but pricey lol ALOT of handling too. especially as a baby. just watch out what temp the room your handling him is, they can catch a cold VERY quickly, so make sure the room is nice and hot. i havent had any black throats yet, but ive had a couple waters(they get alot bigger than black throats) and they are similar with feeding and temps. i believe the black throats dont like much humidity tho. im about to get a black throat pretty soon too, and i cant wait. as for substrate, ive seen breeders use aspen shavings just fine. if you want a more natural look maybe some ecoearth. as for sands go, i couldnt tell you, im not familiar with them. ive seen people use play sand, but ive heard play sand was bad. im just gonna go with the aspen shavings. as for tank requirements, heat is much like the savy. tank space depends, i would have a tank about 4ft by 2ft by 2ft would last for about a year, give or take. then upgrade from there. at least thats what im going to do.
Assisted Answer 5/10/2010 12:54:49 AM

dirt and sand mix is good just wash the sand before .. trust me and as treetrunkchris  said dont feed live .. black throats dont like the humidity to high but it will help with shedding 3 times a year is great for them

also as far as feeding try to go with hairless if possible as fur may cause problem ..they love eggs / chicks/ beef heart boiled /fish from fish market ..varity is the best way to go on feeding to many furry animals can cause the monitor to get fat

hot temps are a must as they will get upper respirtory quite fast basking 105 and rest around 90 is good night drop can hit 75 - 80

tame  black throats are great and can be quite fun but nasty ones are quite a hand full .. i have had both ..
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