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Q: Jungle Carpet Python Not Eating: What to do/possible causes?
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Leif [Jungle Carpet Python - M. spilota cheynei]

Okay, so I've been keeping reptiles and amphibians for a little over five years and have kept a variety of species. I've dealt with mites (from imports), and respiratory infections (from the mites), and animals with slow metabolisms (eating once a month or so - Candoia).  I've also dealt with mice, rat, asf, snail, gecko, quail, cricket, and chick only feeders. From animals that require high humidity (atbs, gtps, sibon) to animals with low humidity needs.


My male JCP, the first snake I ever bought, has recently gone off feed (50+ days and counting). This is the first time this has happened. Normally (the last 4+ years) my JCP eats anything - rats, asf, quail, mice, chicks. Nothing significant has changed - other than the temps dropping a couple degrees which I've tried to counteract by adding a space heater (which raised the temp back up). The temps aren't in the 90's, but mid 80's during the day and mid 70's at night. There are no health issues with him (mites, respiratory, otherwise).


So, aside from just going off-feed because of winter, does anyone have any other ideas?

And, best method to get him feeding again? Should I just keep trying to raise the temps to get a hotspot of 92?


Thanks for the help!!!!!

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Author Comment 1/13/2012 4:35:39 PM


Forgot to add - I've even tried assist feeding him to get him started again (I've done this successfully before with baby Haitians and am still doing it for the pair I have).

On a second thought, I'm thinking he may just be off feed for breeding season (even though there are no females nearby). Do you think putting him into a smaller (more secure feeling), warmer cage would jump start him eating again?

Accepted Answer 1/13/2012 4:51:08 PM


Assuming he is healthy otherwise.....I'd just let him ride out his fast and enjoy the fact you won't have too clean his cage as frequently. It is quite possible that you could do more harm then good trying to force him to eat. I have had male jcp's and chondros go for up to 6 months with out eating. 

Assisted Answer 1/13/2012 4:55:49 PM

joe farah

The two possiblities that come to mind are that he's off-feed for the breeding season like you said, or he's protesting one of the Kardashian reality shows.  Ive had JCP's that just wouldn't take rats sometimes and would eat like 20 mice at a time instead, but i'm assuming you've tried mice since you listed a number of different food items he eats.  Is he cruising the cage at all?

Assisted Answer 1/13/2012 5:32:05 PM


The key here is male..  I would think he is  Being a boy python  in breeding season .. If your husbandry  is up tp Par then he will eat when he is good and ready .

Author Comment 1/13/2012 5:51:46 PM


Thanks guys! It's good to know that some carpets go off-feed for awhile (6 months Buddy - wow!). I've been trying just about every food item - only once a week or every other week.

Joe - he may be protesting a Kardashian show... it would explain why my g/f won't hold him. :-) And he really hasn't been cruising the cage too much. Mostly just hanging out on a branch - he does love to climb right out as soon as I come over to open the top to the cage though.

Member Comment 1/14/2012 11:24:13 PM


I've had a chondro go a full 12 months.

Another one went six months, took two mice, and then off for another 4 months. And he's fine. A jackass, but fine.

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